In 1947 John Clark "Mose" Simms, The athletic director of Oklahoma City University took leave-of-absence to organize a high school football game between the best players east and west of the Mississippi River. To choose the players he wrote to 134 sports editors and writers for nominations.

After evaluating the submissions, and visiting some of the high schools of nominated players, he chose 44 to play in that game and be designated as the first high school All-American team. From 1947 through the early 60’s an organization headed by Simms known as the Wigwam Wisemen picked an All-American team and published the results in the national sports weekly "The Sporting News". From the original four deep teams, the list was eventually expanded to seven teams of thirteen players.

In most of those years the nominations exceeded 5,000 players. Some that didn't make one of the squads were designated as Honorable Mention Wigwam Wisemen All-Americans. Those honorable mention lists, for the most part are lost in time.

The greatest honor a high school football player could receive during the years of the Wigwam Wisemen, was to be named to their team.

In 1951 Scholastic Magazine published their first High School All-American Team. They selected a group of approximately 85 players per year concluding with the 1972 team. Those teams are included on this site. In 1957 Teen Magazine began publishing an All-American High School Football Team. I have included what I can recover from those years.

This website will include players picked from those three teams and a few other All-American teams that were published periodically during that period. In 1973 Parade Magazine began publishing the High School All-American Team, and is available on their website.