This site is dedicated to the high school football players considered the best of their time. All-Americans.

One of the most common of all shared experiences for high schoolers is support of their football team. Classmates and parents gather together on Friday nights to participate in a ritual established long ago. Whether they come to see the team, band or cheerleaders, the celebration is centered around the game and the players that represent their school.

It was inevitable that a list of the best players would be compiled. If you are a football fan you may recognize many of these names. Many went on to successful college or pro careers.

This site will concentrate on the initial years that high school All-American teams were compiled and published, beginning in the late 40’s to the early 70’s. Access to the information is limited and hard to find and this site will present what can be recovered. Updates will be made as more are available. If you don’t see a team included it’s because that data has not yet been located.

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